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Time for Change

  Words have escaped us over the past few weeks. We have watched in anger and confusion, and witnessed the anguish of people in communities all over America, Canada and the world. The past few weeks have felt surreal, sad and scary. We have read articles, columns, posts. We’ve met, discussed, shared, and reflected. And yet, our words have not come easily. We recognize that… Read more

COVID-19 Momentum Update

March 24 Update Due to the COVID-19 virus our office is closed to the public. Momentum’s upcoming in-person programming is postponed. Current participants update: In-person programs are postponed, but our current programming is continuing with remote support. If you are a current program participant, we are committed to supporting you to get your program done! If you have not yet connected with our program staff,… Read more

Dee found her way to her trade

Seeing a poster while in line for the food bank was the opportunity Dee was looking for. She has always wanted to be a carpenter, a passion instilled in her by her adoptive family. “I am Ojibwe and grew up in Winnipeg, Manitoba,” says Dee. “I was adopted when I was 5 months old into a Caucasian family… my family has always been in the… Read more