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How much do you really need for baby’s first year?

So, you are expecting! And in that anticipation, one can’t help but wonder how much is this really going to cost me? There are a lot of numbers out there, that tell you that you need a certain amount of money. The truth is that you need a whole lot less than you think. Let’s talk about the hit to your income. If you qualify… Read more

How Tara found her way to save

Tara was a “willy nilly” spender. “I felt bad every time I went to the salon and got my hair done. It felt and looked better, but I always wondered if there would be enough money left for the necessities.” When Tara learned about budgeting, it was helpful to learn that she didn’t need to feel guilty about getting her hair done if she made… Read more

Planning a Wedding and Staying on Budget

It’s wedding season! It’s so easy to get caught up in the romance of the event and not think about the costs. Here are some tips to keep you on track while on your journey to the altar. Decide on a Budget First, decide what you can afford and stick to it. Here are some ideas on the percentages for some elements of a wedding:… Read more

Building Assets

I am the mother of two boys. They are both adults now, but it wasn’t so long ago they were children. Or it doesn’t seem that long ago anyway. Like all parents I wanted them to have opportunities in their futures. The opportunity to concentrate on school, attend post secondary, get a job. There are many ways my partner and I went about trying to… Read more

Summer Money Camps

Summer Money Camp? You bet! These days, there are a myriad of options for different camps for kids – from filmmaking to flute-playing to science and singing! And within that suite of choices, there are even camps about money! While learning about finances and money may not be the first choice on your child’s summer to-do list, perhaps it should be. Experts and research indicate… Read more

YOU Should be the Boss of YOUR Money!

Sometimes we think “it’s not worth the time” or “it’s only a few dollars” when it comes to changing behaviours around saving money. But with a little effort here and there, we can accumulate huge savings that could be better spent paying off debt, investing, or adding to our emergency fund. Here are a few examples of small changes we can make that add up… Read more

Owen Hart Home Owners Program Accepting Applications

Do you want to own your own home, but feel your income and expenses get in the way? The Owen Hart Home Owners program has helped more than 100 families purchase their own home. The Owen Hart Home Owners Program is a free program that offers people living in low-income situations the opportunity to save for a down payment for a home and helps develop… Read more

Financial Coaching at Momentum

Do you need support with: Tracking your spending? Creating a budget? Saving for a specific goal? Creating a debt management plan? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you may want to sign up for Financial Coaching at Momentum. Our free Financial Coaching program offers up to five one-on-one coaching sessions. Financial Coaching can help you increase your confidence in managing your money… Read more

Connect More Vulnerable Canadians to Benefits!

On February 27th, Minister of Finance, Hon. Bill Morneau presented the 2018 Federal Budget. The budget is working towards connecting more vulnerable Canadians to Benefits by improving access and expanding programs. Some items that were highlighted are: o   Working Income Tax Benefit: increase benefit amount and accessibility o   Canada Child Benefit: increase benefit amount and accessibility o   Canada Learning Bond: Federal and Ontario government are… Read more

Calgarians risk losing out on thousands in benefits by not filing their taxes

For families living on low incomes, tax filing offers access to tax credits, grants, bonds and subsidies that can ease their financial strains—for example, a family of four with an income of $31,000 could be eligible for up to $16,000 in benefits. Many people living on low incomes mistakenly believe that because they don’t owe taxes back, they don’t need to file. Others face barriers… Read more