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Finding a new future with Compass

Sometimes life is interrupted. We find ourselves suddenly off course from our original path, plans or dreams, going down paths that we didn’t expect to, unsure of how to get back on track. Whether it is because of an illness, trauma, or any other unexpected life situation, we find ourselves desperately seeking a way to move forward. Lexi is finding her footing.

Connecting to memories through Carpentry

When Francisco Javier Cao first walked through the door of the shop he was working at in Montreal, he caught the smell of pine wood and thought, “This is awesome. This is what I want to do. I want to work in a shop where I can smell wood every time.” Francisco has always loved carpentry and has good memories of his grandfather teaching him… Read more

Cooking with Electricity

A few years after high school, career testing at SAIT put the trades at the top of the list for Carmello Baffa. He was thrilled to be accepted into Momentum’s Electrician program. He says he’d always known there were places to go if he needed food, but he hadn’t known there was a place to go for a life-changing experience. He had been working in… Read more

A Better Life, Episode 5: Self-Actualization

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To us, it’s more than just getting good jobs and starting businesses—it’s about building a place where people feel connected and are able to truly live their lives. It’s about Calgary and it’s about every one of us. Missed previous episodes of A Better Life? Watch them now: Circumstances Motivation Conviction Perseverance Or watch the compiled video: A Better Life

A Better Life, Episode 3: Conviction

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It takes conviction to overcome obstacles and work towards a better life. At Momentum, we witness this bravery on a daily basis. Watch episode 3 of A Better Life to meet a few people who have demonstrated this conviction. Up next week – A Better Life, Episode 4: Perseverance. Missed previous episodes of A Better Life? Watch them now: Circumstances Motivation

A Better Life, Episode 2: Motivations

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Many people would like to make changes or improvements in aspects of their lives but only some people actually work to make changes. What is it that motivates people work towards a better life for themselves? Watch A Better Life, Episode 2: Motivations on YouTube. Missed Episode 1? Watch A Better Life: Circumstances now. Up next week – A Better Life, Episode 3: Conviction

A Better Life, Episode 1: Circumstances

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The daily connection with people who want to leave poverty behind and a build better future for their families is at the core of Momentum’s work. Whether it’s through saving money, developing employment skills or starting a business, it is the journey of each of these remarkable people that inspires us. And that journey is never easy… Meet a group of people that are working… Read more

Trades Training First Electricians Graduate

May 12 was a day of celebration. Not only was it the night of graduation for Momentum Trades Training’s first ever electrician program, but each of the 15 participants graduated with full time job to go to. More than 350 people applied for the new program, and the Trades Training team interviewed each and every one in order to choose the 15 applicants who were… Read more