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Business Development Guest Blogger: Momentum Helps Find Your Style

As a past graduate and Momentum alumni from the Women’s Business Venture Accelerator program, I wanted to share how Momentum has helped me find my style.
I launched my virtual winery back in July 2013, Phasion Estates Winery-Where Okanagan Valley wines & fashion collide. This is my first journey down the entrepreneurial path, and since launching I have been very fortunate to have amazing mentors, and support programs such as Momentum.
I decided to take this risk on as I was going through some transitional times within my life including a divorce and it was a real eye opener in regards to taking control of my own destiny and being able to provide all the opportunities I can for my son as a single income earner. I also have overcome several barriers within my younger life including group home, foster care, and other emotional turmoil. I really did not want to become another social statistic, as I really wanted to provide and achieve a great life for my son and myself.
I joined the Momentum family back in October 2013, and have been so blessed with all of the support they have given me. They have passed on several skills, and knowledge to take my business to the next level, ranging from networking, business skills, coaching, and even community opportunities that has helped my business achieve success.
Since joining and graduating from Momentum, my winery has achieved two provincial wine awards, an agent partnership to help achieve more distribution across Alberta, and several press and rave reviews for my wines. Momentum has truly helped find my style!
Jenn Triggs-President
Phasion Estates Winery