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“Back to School” with Fall Programs


Autumn can be one of the most exciting and beautiful months in Alberta. The trees burst out their best colours for all to see while children prepare for the new school year and wonder about the new friends they will meet, the new lessons they will learn, the new experiences they will have.

At Momentum we believe that it is not just the kids who get to look forward to the educational journey ahead. September is when the excitement can begin for everyone!

With upcoming programs in Self Employment, Carpentry, and opportunities to learn, earn, and save more with matched savings and Money Management, this autumn is going to be better than ever. 


Managing and saving more

Momentum offers many matched savings programs and Steps 2 Savings is your first step into these money-saving options. Through an info session on September 4 or 16 you can learn about the various programs we offer that match you on everything you save. These programs include popular favourites like Savings Circles (Starting September 11), Youth Fair Gains (Starting September 18), and Fair Gains for adults (Starting October 7).

“You have to dare to have a dream,” says Rehana in a recent feature on our blog. Rehana is an Owen Hart Home Owners Program graduate who first learned the value of saving through Momentum’s matched savings programs.

Additional recurring workshops like StartSmart RESP training and Money Management (including Assets, Banking, Budgeting, Consumerism, and Credit) offer learning opportunities throughout the season.

Check out the webpage to find out more to start your next year off right with more savings in the bank.


Learning and earning more in the industry

If you’re looking to improve your skills and find a job that is more hands-on, our Carpentry program begins on September 30 and will run during the daytime until April 3. In this program you can develop the skills that will help you succeed in your career through technical training from SAIT, valuable on-the-job training, and even upgrading in English, math, and science skills.

For those looking for a little help in taking work to the next level, the Job Boost loan may also help. This micro loan of up to $10,000 can be used to pay for costs of getting a better job, such as tuition or training, books and supplies, certification or re-certification, tools for work, and other expenses that will lead to better employment.

A recent Job Boost participant, Heather, had been working in the hospitality industry for decades when she came to Momentum. At the age of 48 she wanted more for her life and future. Heather wanted to work in the security industry but lacked the training and certification to succeed in landing a job. With a Job Boost loan she obtained her license and is now working for the Calgary Police Services.

“Job boost helped me achieve my goals and look forward to my future without adding to my stress”. Heather is now passionate about the career path she is on.

“Back to school” becomes more affordable through these programs from our Skills department.


Starting something of your own

If you’ve ever dreamed of being your own boss, or doing what you love every day and getting paid to do it on your own terms, you can Discover Self Employment in our info sessions on September 10 and 24. There you will learn more about the numerous programs offered through Business Development, including the Business Feasibility Study (Starting Sept 10), Daytime Self Employment (Starting September 30), and Evening Self Employment (Starting October 1). The Passport program is ongoing and designed for those who feel a little further advanced in their business planning.

Start the season off right with a new business of your own. Contact us by phone at 403-272-9323 or email to find out more information.