Author: Margaret Yu

5 Questions to Ask Friends & Family Instead of “How Was Your Day?”

November is Financial Literacy Month. Instead of the usual “How was your day?”, I would invite you to ask your friends and family a bold and fun question about money to deepen your relationship. Some example questions to ask are: 1) If you won the lottery and money is no longer a concern, what would you invest your money on? This is an excellent question to… Read more

Become a Couponer Extraordinaire!

I have effectively lowered my grocery bills by keeping a stash of coupons and regularly using them. Step 1: Finding your Coupons On the product – these sticker coupons are on the item/product. Be kind and only take the coupon off when you are checking out and purchasing the item(s). Mailed/Printable coupons – some coupons can be mailed directly to your home and other coupons have… Read more

4 Ways to Curb Your Impulse Spending

If you have ever come to our Budgeting or Consumerism classes, you know that impulse buying is seeing something and wanting it so much you decide to buy it right then and there, even though you had no plan to buy it.  It is making a purchase without thinking about it. Because advertisers and stores know how to attract us to impulse purchases, it’s important… Read more

Five Reasons to Save Today

5. For Yourself & Your Family Something like sickness can cause a lot of money stress in our lives. Perhaps it is not us that is sick but a family member or loved one who is and we need to take time off to care for him or her. Sickness and illness aside, it could be that we lose our job and we need to… Read more