Month: March 2020

Finding a way forward in uncertainty

When Harold came to Canada in 2007, his wife was pregnant with their second child and their first child was 8 months old. A friend had told them about Calgary, so they landed in the prairies to begin their new life. Harold had left his job as a dentist in Colombia and did not speak English, so the family was starting from the beginning. “It… Read more

Support for Businesses impacted by COVID-19 – Update April 16

The COVID-19 pandemic is impacting our economy in many ways as companies and organizations are being ordered to close or reduce their operations to protect public health and prevent further spread of the virus. All levels of government are working extremely hard to activate public resources to support businesses and organizations in these extraordinary times. Keep reading to learn more about the initiatives that are… Read more

Financial Supports for People Impacted by COVID-19 – Update April 16

Momentum is now offering Community Helplines and Coaching Services.  If you still have questions or need support after reading this post, we’re available to assist you. Everyone is concerned with the growing impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on ourselves, our families, and our communities. As citizens, one way we support each other during emergencies is by building up our social safety net when we pay our… Read more

3 Tax Filing Changes that Everyone Should Know

Recent events around the world have caused many changes affecting Canadians, and taxes are no exception. Read below for three changes that will affect how you file income taxes for tax year 2019. Change #1 – Deadline to file taxes is now June 1, 2020 The last day to file your taxes 2019 income taxes in Canada has now been extended to June 1, 2020… Read more

COVID-19 Momentum Update

March 24 Update Due to the COVID-19 virus our office is closed to the public. Momentum’s upcoming in-person programming is postponed. Current participants update: In-person programs are postponed, but our current programming is continuing with remote support. If you are a current program participant, we are committed to supporting you to get your program done! If you have not yet connected with our program staff,… Read more

3 tips to get out of debt

Canadian households have a debt problem. Last year Canadians filled the most insolvencies since 2009 at 140,585 filings and this number is up 9.3% from 2018. Getting a handle of debt can be overwhelming, but here are 3 tips to get you started on tackling your debt. Step 1. Know your debt details This includes all the facts that you know about who you owe… Read more

Designing a dream

 “I never dreamed about success. I worked for it.”                                                             – Estee Lauder Debbie lives by this quote. Originally from Argentina, Debbie found herself in Calgary designing clothing for companies on contracts that paid too little for her to live on. “I felt really frustrated as I was working but didn’t have enough money to survive,” she says. She was working a few temporary jobs,… Read more