Month: February 2020

Momentum in the Calgary Herald

Momentum is growing! We are moving to a new space and growing our impact. Executive Director Jeff Loomis sat down with the Calgary Herald’s David Parker to talk about what the future holds, how getting all Momentum’s staff under one roof will create energy and new programs that support people living on low incomes. Read the article here: Organization aims to help build careers and… Read more

Finding the right fit

In 2017, Reza lost his job working at Mr. Lube and was having trouble finding employment. With his Employment Insurance benefits about to run out and little success on the job search front, Reza shared that “it was a pretty dark, scary place. It wasn’t great.” Reza found out about Momentum through a friend who was a plumber and thought that Reza would be a… Read more

10 Tips to Save Money at the Grocery Store

The Canada Food Price Report predicts that the average family will pay an extra $487 more on groceries in 2020 than they did last year. The report outlines a 4-6% increase in the cost of meat, a 2-4% increase for seafood, vegetables and restaurant meals, a 1.5-3.5% rise in the cost of fruit and a 1-3% increase to dairy products. This may seem like a… Read more