Month: October 2017

Growing your Assets

Amber Cannon is a Momentum volunteer and participant. Here she shares what she discovered about her assets. In my second class of Savings Circles at Momentum we looked at assets. What is an asset? Assets are typically looked at as having ownership of something worth value. Typically a car, a home, a farm. Here we looked at it in multiple levels. Finances, connections, sense of… Read more

November is Financial Literacy Month

Financial Literacy Month (FLM) starts on November 1st.  It’s worth investing time and effort to improve your financial literacy, and FLM is the perfect time to do so! A great place to start is with your financial well-being. “Achieve financial well-being” is this week’s FLM sub-theme, and having a good understanding of money management is key to achieving financial well-being. People who are in control… Read more

High-Cost Credit: Ideas for Change

Drive down one of Calgary’s main thoroughfares—such as International Avenue or Macleod Trail—and you’ll likely observe, among the many storefronts and restaurants, a handful of businesses advertising high-cost credit products. Most Canadians are familiar with one type of high-cost credit—payday lending—and understand that such loans can easily trap a vulnerable borrower in a cycle of debt. Other forms of high-cost credit, however, are less well-known… Read more

Budgeting on a Low Income

Amber Cannon is a Momentum volunteer and participant. Here she shares the reality creating a budget when on a low income. My first class at Momentum was Budgeting. Probably the best class to have, at the very beginning of my savings circles program. I learned about what kind of relationship I had with money. Good, bad? When I hear the word “money” I think of… Read more