Month: September 2016

4 Ways to Curb Your Impulse Spending

If you have ever come to our Budgeting or Consumerism classes, you know that impulse buying is seeing something and wanting it so much you decide to buy it right then and there, even though you had no plan to buy it.  It is making a purchase without thinking about it. Because advertisers and stores know how to attract us to impulse purchases, it’s important… Read more

The importance of Knowing Your Target Market

“Who’s your target market?” “Everyone. I need to grow my business so I need to reach everyone.” “Yes, but where are you going to advertise?” This is the typical conversation I’ve had many times in business development. Business owners believe their product is the solution to everyone’s problems. However, rarely is that the case. Even Apple has a specific target market when they design and… Read more

Back to school, back to saving!

It’s that time of year again. The leaves are changing colour, the evenings are getting cooler and the kids have gone back to school. What better time than now to open a free Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) at your local bank. No money? No problem! All banks and credit unions in Calgary offer free RESP accounts with no monthly payments required. In addition, parents… Read more