Month: July 2016

Couples and Money

Summer is wedding season, and getting married is a huge milestone in someone’s life.  As with most milestones, a wedding is a perfect time to sit down and discuss your financial future. The Financial Consumer Agency of Canada has a list of tips and tools that will help you plan and manage your finances as a couple. Things you want to discuss include: Managing your… Read more

Understanding the Ups & Downs of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship WILL change your life. You find more sense of purpose in your work than you ever have before. You will have the opportunity to control your income, your schedule, when you do business, how you do business and with even with whom. Believe it or not, you will choose to work longer days than you have ever imagined, and love it…but it’s going to… Read more

How Alberta’s social assistance programs may be contributing to the perpetuation of poverty

Income Support, Alberta’s social assistance program, provides vital financial assistance and additional support to individuals and families who cannot currently meet their basic needs. Thousands of Albertan households receive Income Support each month, with over 48,000 accessing assistance in May of this year. Unfortunately, many of the eligibility rules that govern access to social assistance in Alberta are restrictive, and may actually be contributing to… Read more

Spotlight: Mary-Ann Stushnoff, Serial Entrepreneur

Rob Price has seen his fair share of entrepreneurs during his time as Futurpreneur’s Alberta Director. In this guest post he shines the spotlight on a business owner who is always looking to innovate. A dedicated life-long learner, and a passionate, focused and driven entrepreneur, Mary-Ann Stushnoff was born to pursue an entrepreneurial career path. Mary-Ann first started Conquest Personal Training in Calgary, Alberta which… Read more

Three Programs to Take Charge of Your Finances

In April, Calgary’s unemployment rate reached 8.6%, the highest it had been in 20 years. Demand for Momentum’s programs sharply increases when the economy is unstable and people need to rethink how they manage their finances. Thankfully, through partnerships with committed donors and funders, we can continue to offer a wide variety of beneficial programs through the difficult times when they are most needed. The following three programs are… Read more