Month: May 2016

Asset-Building: A Skill for All Seasons

Many families living on low incomes struggle to meet basic needs. Saving and investing for the future are usually completely out of the question, and yet they are critical to overcoming poverty. As Ray Boshara says: Without income, you can’t get by. Without assets, you can’t get ahead. Momentum’s Financial Literacy programs help people living on low incomes learn how to manage and save their… Read more

Better Together: Three Stories of Partnership from 2015

At Momentum, we succeed because of our partnerships. Building lasting partnerships with individual participants is at the core of our work. Participants access our programs and training to move out of poverty and build prosperity for themselves and their families. The partnerships come full circle when many of them return after graduating to support Momentum and current participants. While our work with individuals is fundamental… Read more

Provincial government proposes changes to Alberta’s payday lending laws

Over the past two years, Momentum has partnered with individuals and groups to advocate for payday lending reform in our province. These efforts paid off yesterday, when Service Alberta Minister Stephanie McLean introduced Bill 15: An Act to End Predatory Lending in the Alberta legislature. This act aims to reduce the cost of borrowing in Alberta to $15 per $100 borrowed – the lowest rate… Read more