Month: February 2016

The Business of Payday Lending

Payday loans are accessed by more than two million Canadians each year. Currently in Alberta the maximum interest rate is the second-highest in the country at $23 for every $100 borrowed. Payday lending is a profitable business. One that targets some of our most vulnerable citizens including, seniors and the working poor. Provincial regulations governing payday lenders expire this June. The provincial government conducted a… Read more

Five Reasons to Save Today

5. For Yourself & Your Family Something like sickness can cause a lot of money stress in our lives. Perhaps it is not us that is sick but a family member or loved one who is and we need to take time off to care for him or her. Sickness and illness aside, it could be that we lose our job and we need to… Read more

Business Spotlight: Rebel Rose Beauty Lounge

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At Momentum, we love seeing people succeed. Sharing in the successes of our participants tells us that our community is getting stronger and more vibrant. One such success is Rebel Rose Beauty Lounge, a business launched by Momentum Self-Employment graduate, Crystal Cruz. Check it out through this showcase by Fashion Calgary.  

Celebrate Family Day: get $2,000 FREE for your kids’ education

Free money? That’s got to be a scam! Actually, it isn’t. If you have children born after December 31st, 2003 and you and are living on a modest income, your children may qualify for the Canada Learning Bond (CLB). If this is your situation, you can expect to receive up to $2,000 over a child’s lifetime in federal education money, with no contribution of your… Read more