Month: January 2016

From All Sides: a comprehensive approach to reduce the negative impact of payday lenders

Organizations often say they want to ‘move the needle’ on an issue. But how often does the needle actually move when the dashboard is a complex field of interconnected policies, systems and sectors? Rarely. In the last year we contributed to real progress in the realm of payday lending, and we can’t keep the excitement to ourselves. Momentum first became interested in the issue because… Read more

Supporting Youth Entrepreneurs: A Track Record of Success

Through Momentum’s Business Development programs, people living on low incomes work to increase their prosperity by reaching their entrepreneurial dreams. Youth entrepreneurs—between the ages of 18 to 34—participate in business training and coaching, and can access Micro Business Loans to support the launch of their businesses. The Study In partnership with a long-time Business Development funder, evaluation questions were created and asked to 32 of 41… Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Winter Fun in Calgary

Are you looking for fun things to do this winter? Luckily for us, the Calgary Herald has come up with an online resource to help connect us with winter fun. This online map allows users to search, browse, and add events.  This is a wonderful resource which allows Calgarians to come together and share. The key to enjoying winter is to get outside! An added… Read more

Meetup: 10 Steps to Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur

Momentum and Business Link have been long-time partners – we’ve even hosted their successful Meetup a number of times over the years! As fans of Business Link, we are excited about the changes to Business Link: Calgary Meetup that are rolling out in 2016. These changes will make it an even more impactful event, both from a business learning and networking perspective. We are so fond of… Read more

6 Tips for Alleviating Financial Strain

The holidays are over and with it we expect to feel some relief that the hustle and bustle and inevitable spending has slowed. However, instead of feeling relief, what we often feel is stress; stress that goes from who to buy what for, to how to pay for who we bought what for!  Overspending during the holidays is not an uncommon phenomenon nor is feeling… Read more