Month: November 2015

God-given Boom-Bust Cycle?

Recently an opinion piece by Ted Morton appeared in the Calgary Herald. His assessment: the budget brought forth by the provincial NDP is a step backward in predictable life-cycle of the Alberta economy. Jeff Loomis, Patricia Jones and Franco Savoia—heads of three Calgary not-for-profit agencies—offer a different point of view. Namely, that the oil-driven boom-bust cycle is not a god-given reality in our province. The… Read more

Celebrate Education Savings Week with Free Money!

November 15–21 marks the second annual Education Savings Week in Canada. Why should you celebrate this week? As outlined in the Huffington Post, here are three reasons why we’re celebrating Education Savings Week. 1) Education isn’t getting any cheaper Post-secondary students should plan on paying roughly $5,959 this year for their tuition.  This number is only increasing, so if you have young children the cost… Read more

Being Mentally Healthy – An Entrepreneur’s Story

2014 marked the 20th anniversary of the Business Development Department of Momentum. To celebrate, we collected 20 stories about past participants who have thriving businesses. Written by Marnie Schaetti of RaiDo Dynamics, these stories reflect the diversity, innovation and hard work of the inspiring participants who come through our doors every year to take one of our many programs. This is one of those stories…. Read more

City of Calgary Restricts Payday Lenders

When you stroll or drive along certain areas of Calgary you might get bombarded by signs advertising ‘easy cash now’ or ‘$300 for $20’. These are payday lenders and they setup shop in low income neighbourhoods across the city. These businesses promote themselves as a quick fix. An easy two week loan will allow you to pay for your unexpected expense and move on. Unfortunately,… Read more

Count me in, Canada

November is Financial Literacy Month (FLM) in Canada. This year’s FLM aims to rally organizations and individuals across Canada to support the national Financial Literacy strategy that was launched in June. The three goals of the strategy are:         Manage money and debt wisely         Plan and save for the future         Prevent and protect against… Read more