Month: January 2015

The True Cost of Bankruptcy

We are all about partnerships at Momentum. We know that we cannot do everything and that many of the people in our community have knowledge and expertise that we can learn from. It is in the spirit of learning from our community members that we present the following blog post from guest blogger Douglas Hoyes, Founder & Trustee of Hoyes, Michalos & Associates. If you… Read more

3 Considerations before Investing Your Money

Do you have a financial goal that you’re saving for?  If so, have you thought about how you are going to reach it and with which type of investment product, e.g. savings account, Guaranteed Investment Certified (GIC), or Mutual funds? Before you get into the nitty-gritty of how and where to invest, here are three things to consider first: Time Horizon—how long are you planning… Read more

Ushering in the new economy

Momentum is the home of Thrive, Calgary’s community economic development (CED) network. In 2015 Thrive will offer high quality CED learning opportunities to people who care about creating a local economy that works better for more people. Just before the holidays, my colleague Barb Davies and I chatted to Michelle Strutzenberger from New Scoop about the new direction, to create the article “Ushering in the… Read more

The Momentum to succeed

On Sunday, our colleagues at Metro published an article about Momentum’s business development programs. For 20 years Momentum has offered Calgarians the opportunity transform their lives through entrepreneurship. The results of these programs and the microloans that follow are incredible, for the business owners themselves and for the broader community. Participants in our self-employment program, on average, more than double their income. And for every… Read more