Month: December 2014

Get SMART about New Years Resolution

The winter holiday is now over, if you’re like most people you’re planning to start fresh again with some goals like weight loss, getting your finances in order or even career development. Did you set any goals at the beginning of 2014?  If you did, how many were you able to successfully complete? If you’ve ever had difficulties completing goals, then you may need an… Read more

Business Development Showcase: Celebrating 20 Years

What are you passionate about? What do you love? At Momentum, we believe every person has skills, talents and passions that they can share with those around them. Sometimes, however, these gifts don’t fit into traditional employment boxes. Entrepreneurship allows individuals to create their own box that they can be successful in and ultimately contribute to their community. This year marks the 20th anniversary of… Read more

Trades Training Year in Review

Dear Momentum community, This year has been a busy year for the Trades program and we would like to share with you some of the highlights. The first program of the year was Carpentry, starting in February. We had a smaller, but eager group of participants, each of whom shone through the program. We are so happy to report that every single participant in this… Read more

Tis the Season to be Giving

It’s that time of the year again, when everyone is starting to think about who to buy gifts for.  If your tradition has always been to buy gifts for your friends, family, and colleagues, how about starting a new tradition of giving more from the heart and less from the wallet? Ways you can give from the heart: Time—to be fully present with the people… Read more

Business Training provides a great return on investment

Momentum’s Self Employment program has offered business training to Calgarians since 1998. Because our participants face barriers such as disability, income level, or low education, they would have difficulty starting a business on their own. Still, we know that with the right supports, these individuals can be successful launching a business that will improve their livelihood and maybe even create jobs for others. After 20… Read more

FREE Education Money: Sign-Up Online

November 17-21st was Education Savings Week across Canada and what better way to celebrate than to get Free Education Money for your children. Our sister program based in Toronto, SmartSAVER, has come up with a unique and simple way for families to access free government funds for children’s future education, the Canada Learning Bond. We had the pleasure of hosting SmartSAVER in their first ever… Read more

Is Empathy the New Innovation?

I just finished reading a post on the Calgary Chamber of Voluntary Organizations (CCVO) blog about the recent cancellation of the Social Innovation Endowment Fund by the Government of Alberta. My first reaction to this cancellation, like that of many other workers in the nonprofit sector, was one of disappointment—how could our provincial government cut yet another source of funding for nonprofit organizations? But, Geoff… Read more

Four Simple Steps to Keep Your Holiday Spirit Alive

What three words come to your mind when I say that Christmas is only a couple weeks away? Happy? Anxious? Joyful? Family? Stress? Tired? Mixed emotions are common for many of us and often have a lot to do with past experiences and our own expectations for the future. If you would like to take control of your holiday, try the following idea for a… Read more

Take Action: Share your support for secondary suites in Calgary

It’s no secret that rents are high in Calgary. When you build your monthly budget, there’s a good chance that one of the biggest expenses you have is for housing. And if you or a friend live in a basement or section of a home, I have bad news: You might live in an illegal suite. That’s because secondary suites, as they are called, are… Read more

Financial Fraud: Five Warning Signs to Lookout For

Can you spot a fraud? Last week, Momentum had the pleasure of hosting Your Money Seniors which went over the 3 most common scams that are targeting seniors and how to prevent and report it. Although the presentation is designed for seniors, there were many warning signs mentioned that could help you spot fraud and prevent it from happening to you. Personal or Financial Information… Read more