Month: September 2014

Are You Making Good Debt Choices?

We are all about partnerships at Momentum. We know that we cannot do everything and that many of the people in our community have knowledge and expertise that we can learn from. It is in the spirit of learning from our community members that we present the following blog post from guest blogger Douglas Hoyes, Founder & Trustee of Hoyes, Michalos & Associates. If you… Read more

Every Little Action Counts

Today we have a blog post from guest blogger Moin Tinwala. Moin reflects on how he has been able to give back to his community through his experience of Momentum’s Youth Fair Gains program and his role as a Participant Ambassador: I remember when I was standing in front of TFDL Library at the University of Calgary when I received a call from Momentum. I… Read more

Strengthening Our Communities Through Change

Today we have a blog post from guest blogger Laura Conrad, Public Policy Assistant at Momentum. Change is a very difficult topic to write about or even talk about, especially when it’s in progress. But sometimes it is necessary, especially when a large number of people are simultaneously influencing this change and being affected by it. Joe Ceci, Manager of Public Policy at Momentum, and… Read more

A New Spin on “Keeping up with the Joneses”

I recently read this story in the Globe and Mail about a young man in Ottawa that managed to save $32,000 by the age of 26 after being in debt by $18,000 when he graduated. As a fellow member of the Millenials or Generation Y group—those of us born during between 1980 to 2000—I have seen evidence that the people of Generation Y want what… Read more

Free Money. For your kids. Yes, really!

Usually when we hear the word “free,” there is some sort of a catch. I know I’ve always been told that if something is too good to be true, then it is. Dear friends, we have found an exception! If you are a parent or have kids in your life, what would be a better way to celebrate back to school than to enroll them… Read more

Building Momentum in BC

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There’s a game we used to play as teenagers where one person would say a word and the other person would respond with the first word or phrase that came to mind. In addition to being a good way to pass time between classes, this word association game demonstrates a phenomenon that happens to all of us. Associating words, concepts or items is just a… Read more

Managing Your Small Business to Increase Profits – Meetup on Wednesday

Join us on Wednesday, September 10, 2014 for our next Meetup with Dave Heinze, principal of Heinze Group.  Don’t forget to register via Meetup. During the workshop we will discuss ways to manage your business to increase profits.  Applying what is discussed here could be the difference between: • Failure & Survival • Survival & Success • Mediocre Success & The Success You Want “First and foremost it… Read more

Hillhurst MicroFarms – Business Spotlight

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Jen Miller, awesome entrepreneur and owner of  Hillhurst MicroFarms, graduated from the Women’s Venture Start-Up Program (WVP) in the spring of 2014. Since then, she has been busy sod cutting, SPIN farming and selling her delicious, locally grown leafy greens at farmer’s markets and through She’s been passionate about gardening from a young age and is thrilled to finally make this hobby a business…. Read more

An Economy of Generosity

Over a joyous evening loitering in the sun, a friend tells a tale of how she offered help to two seemingly lost strangers. A week later, the two ‘strangers,’ who were in fact visiting from British Columbia, leave a bag full of groceries hung lovingly on said friend’s front door. They’re on their way back home and can’t make use of all the groceries, so… Read more