Month: August 2014

An Insider's View

Carolyn Davis—Momentum’s Community Relations Director and blog author—was interviewed by Josh Schukman as part of the Social Change Nation’s theme of Social Entrepreneurship Programs. According to their website, Social Change Nation is THE community for social entrepreneurs and cause based business leaders. They exist so that change agents who want to make a dollar AND a difference have access to the best resources and insight… Read more

How to fix a leaky economy

You probably know that a leaky toilet costs you money, because you pay for the leaked water when your utility bill spikes. Have you ever thought about the cost of having a leaky economy? Think about the last time you spent money at a store. The business you bought from used that money to cover costs like rent, payroll and inventory, and to turn a… Read more

Momentum helps community leaders thrive

Calling all Engage readers and fans of Momentum! Our friends at REAP, Calgary’s network for local sustainable businesses, host an annual contest called the Be Local Awards. This year Momentum is in the running for the ‘favourite non-profit’ category. We hope you will consider voting for us a few times between now and November. Momentum’s flagship work is partnering with people who wish to build… Read more

Give Me Gratitude or Give Me Debt | Momastery

Yesterday I stumbled upon the blog Momastery. Glennon’s article, Give Me Gratitude or Give Me Debt, resonated deeply for me and I encourage you to give it a read. If you’ve ever attended a Money Management workshop, then you know about the difference between needs and wants, how outside forces inspire our consumerism, and how the most valuable assets are the ones we develop within… Read more

Carbusters: Momentum's sustainable commuting initiative

How am I getting to work today? It’s not a question I usually have to think about. In fact, I probably take it for granted. I wake up, get ready, hop in my car and within ten minutes I’m at work. Recently, at Momentum, we had twenty-one staff members consciously asking themselves this question every day for four weeks as part of Momentum’s sustainable commuting… Read more

Put your money where your heart is

Today we have a blog post from guest blogger and Momentum staff person, Laura Wells. Recently I have seen articles, books and social media posts about people who have chosen to give up their space or possessions in order to live simply. Sometimes these people are making drastic changes in their lifestyle, like these two Calgarians who recently went without buying almost anything for a… Read more

A love letter to the Calgary Folk Fest

Dear Folk Fest, As my colleagues and I recover from your 35th gathering, we have been reflecting on all the ways you demonstrate community economic development principles. Momentum is, of course, a proud CED organization. Our people care deeply about making Calgary’s local economy work better for more people. Yesterday, over lunch, we celebrated the five ways you show localist leadership: You hire small: You… Read more