Month: July 2014

Alternatives to PayDay Loans

“Need Cash? Borrow up to $1,500. Fast!” is what a typical Payday Loan Company advertises, but at what cost and are there any alternatives out there? Usually when we’re in a bind, we will borrow money from anywhere we can get it. Even when we’re in a bind, there are cheaper options—be sure to look into them all. Three great alternatives to a pay day… Read more

Jeff Loomis & Momentum in the Herald!

Momentum’s own Jeff Loomis recently received a visit from David Parker, Columnist at the Calgary Herald, who stopped by to chat with Jeff about settling into the Executive Director role at Momentum. During the visit, David and Jeff talked about Jeff’s new role, the history of Momentum and the current path of the organization. As you may know, Jeff’s transition into the top leadership role… Read more

Apply for Fall 2014 Venture Accelerator!

Are you a small business owner in Calgary? Have you been operating your business for at least one year, with no time for marketing? Are you not seeing the sales you had planned on? Then the Momentum Venture Accelerator may be the right program for you! The Venture Accelerator is a part-time 6 month program for business owners that are looking to stabilize their business… Read more

An Overlooked Need

A need is an item or concept that is essential to our survival. Some basic needs we should all have access to include: a safe place to live, food and water, clothing, education and healthcare. As basic as these needs are, they cannot be met without access to financial services. In Canada, everyone has the right to access financial services by law, but it can… Read more

Benefits of Volunteering

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Volunteering has so many benefits! Regardless of whether you volunteer formally in a specified position, or help others on more of an informal basis, by volunteering you can connect with people and make a difference in your community… often while learning new skills and boosting your own personal sense of meaning and happiness! There are countless ways you can help out in your community. For… Read more

A Good Head Start

Money can appear like magic when you’re a kid. Mom or dad puts a piece of plastic in a machine and voila: instant access to money! You and I both know that it’s a lot harder than that to earn money. There are benefits to having your kids understand how hard you really have to work for the money that comes out of those machines…. Read more

Payday Lending is a Front Page Issue

Momentum is delighted to share with you a huge achievement of our public policy team. For months they have worked to raise the profile of the high cost of payday lending and its impact on low income earners. Today’s big news? The front page of the Calgary Herald print edition reads: “Tighter rules urged for payday loans.” This could be the start of a city-wide… Read more

Three Cheers for Four Stars!

Engage readers! I am thrilled to let you know about a new honour we’ve been offered today by our friends at Charity Intelligence in Toronto. After three years as a Top Pick, we’ve just been given their highest rating as a Four-Star Charity. While we know this information is important to our donors, we also hope this gives Calgarians with stretched finances the assurance that… Read more

Steps to Stellar Credit

There is a lot of confusing information out there about borrowing money and building your credit score. Questions like: How much of a balance should you hold? How much you should pay back? Well, here are some quick tips: Pay off your credit card The average Canadian carries at least $3,500 of credit card debt. Credit cards are a huge source of profit for lenders…. Read more