Month: June 2014

Your First Priority

If you thought paying the bills was your number one priority, guess again, it’s you! Instead of taking all your hard earned money to pay the bills first, why don’t you treat yourself as a bill payment and pay yourself first? Don’t you deserve that money as much as the phone company? Put that money aside for yourself in a special savings account. Maybe it’s… Read more

Meet our new Executive Director!

Do you remember my colleague Amanda’s recent post, “Thank you, Walter”? It shares the big news of Momentum’s founding Executive Director’s decision to transition away from the role after 23 years of leadership. Take some time to watch our tribute video if you haven’t already. I saw Walter on the weekend—he is happily tending his garden and will return in a new, more limited role… Read more

Can Banking Services Be Fair?

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Last week, I watched Spent: Looking for Change. It’s a documentary produced by the credit card company American Express. At first I was skeptical about the intention of the film. When you compare credit cards with cheque cashing services, plastic seems like an inexpensive way to stretch a dollar. But as engage readers you know that it’s best to avoid the high interest rates charged… Read more

Call for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Want to try out a farmer’s market environment this summer? You can do so for free (once or twice this summer) at The Bridgeland Riverside Farmer’s Market (917 Centre Ave NE). Contact for details or apply here: Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Calgary Tool Library

Where can you get access to hundreds of tools for only $40 a year? The Calgary Tool Library, that’s where! The Calgary Tool Library is a volunteer-led tool lending program that brings people together to build and learn while sharing tools, skills and knowledge. The library is located at 917 Centre Ave NE (Lower Level of the Bridgeland Riverside Community Hall). Hours of operation Tuesdays… Read more

Being Mentally Healthy

Author, public speaker and entrepreneur, Elizabeth Anderson’s life changed when she was diagnosed with schizophrenia. In her book, Being Mentally Healthy, she shares her insights into living with a mental illness and what it means to work towards recovery. As an avid reader, I will always recommend reading the book. However, if you would like to know a bit more first, you can listen to… Read more

Moin has Momentum

Driven and dedicated, Moin Tinwala is an inspiration to youth and adults alike. Moin is a Momentum alumnus and volunteer. He agreed to help us tell Momentum’s story, by sharing his own:   After living most of my life in the United States and a short while in India, I had moved to Calgary, Canada in Grade 11. When I first arrived I did not… Read more

Fixing Your Relationship with Banks & Credit Unions

Do you remember a time where you felt that your actions could have burned a bridge? Sometimes we find ourselves in a tough situation and can’t pay the bank fees for our accounts. Then we just stop visiting that bank or credit union and use services that are more expensive like payday lenders. If this is stopping you from using a bank or credit union,… Read more

Jill has Momentum

Jill Drader is a Momentum alumnus and volunteer. We are so inspired by Jill’s story that we wanted to share it with you. This is Jill’s story, in her words.   In 2005 I graduated from the University of Calgary with a general Bachelor’s Degree in Humanities with a focus on International Development and African Studies. Not much work in Calgary for those two specialties…. Read more