Month: May 2014

Thank you, Walter

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Momentum’s founding Executive Director, Walter Hossli, created a unique and powerful legacy in guiding Momentum to be what it is today. Walter recently transitioned into his new role as Momentum’s Founder & Director Emeritus. To thank him for over 23 years of leadership, the Momentum community put together this video that we presented at our recent Annual General Meeting & Celebration of Walter Hossli’s Leadership…. Read more

Michael has Momentum

Michael Odetola is funny and inquisitive. When you meet him, you can’t help but smile. Michael is a Momentum alumnus and volunteer and his story, like him, will make you smile.   I came to Momentum sometime in March 2011 to ascertain the facts. There were a few folks out there who seemed genuinely convinced that the first place any migrant in Calgary should go… Read more

New baby? Shower mama with RESP contributions

I’m 30, which means I go to a lot of baby showers. And while it’s great to retain and nurture the few women-only rituals in our western culture, most people will agree that they feel a little weird. Since we are already gathered doing unusual things like playing structured games and sitting in a circle waiting our turn to talk, I propose we do something… Read more