Month: March 2014

Luisa has Momentum

At Momentum, we see the relationship with our participants as a partnership. With each new business, asset purchased, trades career started, we learn as much from the participants as they do from us. Momentum is lucky in that many participants want to stay connected after they graduate from their programs—as members, volunteers and donors. Luisa is one such participant. And, because one of the best… Read more

Do you know the true meaning of wealth?

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Did you know that the word “wealth” actually comes from the Old English weal—meaning well-being—and th—meaning condition? The word literally means, “the conditions of well-being.” Wealth isn’t just about your finances. It’s about personal and cultural identity. It’s about skills, knowledge and abilities. It’s about relationships. It’s about having a safe home and access to transportation. Of course, finances play a role in genuine wealth,… Read more